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"Easing Anxiety is Brian's Forte"

Due to the current economic situation here and abroad, more and more financially sound individuals are finding it harder to get mortgage loans. This was true when Katherine and Tim Shea sought Brian's help when applying for a home loan. Katherine said, "We had issues with the owners not responding and issues with the loan and Brian was able to calm our fears."

She continued, "I was surprised at how difficult it was for people like us to get a loan. Now we understand it was the market and the times we're living in. Brian went the extra mile to go to another bank and we really appreciated that."

And, Brian's assistance didn't stop once he helped the Shea's get a loan. "Brian continued to remain involved and follow up with issues even after the closing. He continued to go into the property to make sure things were fixed like they were supposed to. We are three hours away and couldn't be there to make sure these things were taken care of and Brian stepped up and went beyond what we expected."

Katherine and Tim Shea - Wintergreen Resort

“We Weren’t Prepared for How Fast our House Sold!”

When Will and Jean Arey listed their vacation home at Wintergreen Resort, they were prepared to have it on the market for nine months or more. However, they were pleasantly surprised when it sold in a mere three weeks! Mrs. Arey was sure this was due to Brian’s superb marketing, organization and efficiency.

“Brian is super organized; he keeps you informed every step of the way. We appreciated it very much. He was always available when we had questions and he has a way of working to maximize his efficiency. We loved being able to access the website to see what was happening to our property on his Seller Report website. He didn’t have to hold our hands; we could see what was going on every step of the way without having to call him all the time.”

Beyond Brian’s organization and efficiency, what really impressed the Areys was the special attention and consideration he paid to them.

“Because my husband is 90 and not very mobile anymore, I was worried when I left a special headset used to listen to the TV at the house when we were clearing it out. It is very heavy and cumbersome. But Brian went to the house, detached the headset and set it on the counter for us to get easily. I would not have been able to do this by myself. He went above and beyond the call of duty and this was very much appreciated.”

Not only has Brian won the hearts of the Areys, he will also have the chance to impress their friends and family members since Will and Jean have promised to recommend him to everyone they know!

Will and Jean Arey - Wintergreen Resort

"Brian’s the Only Realtor That I Would Ever Recommend"


Linda Meyer was so impressed with Brian Chase during the sale of her vacation home in Wintergreen that she declared, “Brian’s the only realtor I would ever recommend!” She raved about his positive qualities saying, “He was so pleasant, professional and informative.” Linda was especially pleased with Brian’s communication skills. “He kept us informed throughout the entire process and kept the communication lines open. He was with us every step of the way and was never ‘unavailable’.”


She added, “We really loved the surveys that buyers completed after visiting our condo. It was great feedback.”


The Meyer’s felt Brian went above and beyond anything they had expected or encountered at any other real estate transaction in which they had been involved. “He not only scheduled appointments with the necessary service professionals, but made sure he was there when they were there. This was very important to us since we are out of town.”


She continued singing Brian’s praises, “We put together a brochure and sent it to Brian and he had beautiful color copies printed for us. And, we were thrilled with the website’s virtual tour! It contained pictures of our home as well as pictures of the resort’s facilities. That was an excellent marketing move since most people are just as interested in a vacation property’s amenities as they are in the specific home.”


“We couldn’t have asked for better representation than we received from Brian Chase.”

Frank and Linda Meyer - Wintergreen Resort

Hard-Negotiating Bank CEO Found Ideal Home in One Day!

When bank CEO, Pierce Stone was looking for a vacation condo at Wintergreen, he knew just the right person to find him the ideal property for the price he was willing to pay.

Pierce says, “I am a hard negotiator; I had Brian go back one more time ‘to the well’ and it saved me about $5,000. I start low and then go up; Brian was willing to work with me on this.”

And finding a vacation condo for a great price wasn’t the only thing that thrilled Mr. Stone about his experience with Brian. “He took care of more details that any realtor I’ve known … and he did it gladly. There were many details related to utilities and closing - Brian helped us stay on top of them all.”

Would Mr. Stone recommend Brian to others? “Absolutely! In fact, I’ve done so already!”

This is one satisfied client that Brian can count on for referrals for many years to come.

Pierce Stone - Wintergreen Resort

“Selling Our Condo Was a Positive Experience Using Brian’s Services”

Selling their golf front condo in Wintergreen while living in Norfolk seemed a daunting task to Peter and Claudia Kane. Without much experience selling real estate, they weren’t sure what to expect. However, they were pleased with the results of using Brian’s services. “He made it a positive experience,” said Peter.

“Since we were in Norfolk and the property at Wintergreen Resort, we never actually met Brian in person. We communicated throughout the transaction over the phone and through email. He remained very attentive to our needs throughout the marketing and sale of our condo.”

Peter went on to add, “We found Brian to be very responsive, knowledgeable and we think he handled our transaction very well. We couldn’t have been more pleased.”

Asked if he’d consider recommending Brian to his family and friends, Peter replied with a resounding, “Definitely!”

Peter and Claudia Kane - Wintergreen Resort

“Responsive, Flexible and Professional”

Alan Shearer believes that the most important traits of a good real estate agent are responsiveness, flexibility and professionalism. He was pleased that he got all three of these characteristics when Brian helped him sell his home.

With a nationwide buyers market, sometimes homes can languish on the market but with Brian’s help, the Shearers sold their home within three weeks – from offer to contract!

Mr. Shearer said, “Brian is very responsive. He always promptly got back to us with any questions or issues we had. He was also very receptive to any ideas we had about what we wanted in the sale of our home.”

Asked if he would recommend Brian to friends and family, Mr. Shearer exclaimed, “Certainly!”

Alan and Kathleen Shearer - Wintergreen Resort

“If You’re Looking for an Honest, Ethical Realtor Brian’s Your Man”

Having bought and sold several properties through the years, this was the first time that George and Karen Kester had used an agent. They decided to list their vacation property with Brian when they called him out of the blue one day and he spent an hour and a half advising them. The entire transaction was done remotely – the Kester’s did not have to drive to the property at all – and this was important to the busy couple. They corresponded by email and telephone and Brian stayed on top of everything.

“He was very prompt in his responses to us and that meant a lot. When we needed information, he provided it right away.”

Mr. Kester felt that Brian did a very professional job when listing and marketing his home. He said, “I felt he was very honest and ethical and this is what I’m going to tell my family and friends when I recommend Brian’s services to them.”
George and Karen Kester - Wintergreen Resort

“Brian Made Us Feel Like We Were His Only Clients”

When Frank and Neal Meyer were looking for a vacation home to buy in a resort area, they were pleased to find Brian Chase to help them with the transaction. Frank said that because Brian was so familiar with the area, he couldn’t have found anyone better to help him purchase the property. After all, time is money and with the kind of information Frank was seeking, he needed an expert. Brian gave them all the information they needed and more.

“I was so pleased with the recommendations Brian gave us for service providers such as inspectors, utility providers, etc. They were excellent. The inspector was willing to work on our time schedule because we lived out of the area.” This was important to the Meyers since they had no idea who to choose for these services. With Brian’s recommendations, it made the process so much easier—saving the Meyers valuable time.

“Brian made us feel as if we were his only clients. We’ve never worked with an agent that was so thorough and accessible,” Frank remarked. “He kept in close contact with us to ensure we were on track and provided excellent guidance. He really tailored his service to our needs and took a real interest in what we were doing and what we wanted.”

Because of this outstanding service, the Meyers’ said they would recommend Brian to anyone. His service could not be beat!

Frank and Neal Meyer - Wintergreen Resort

"Brian Made the Buying Process Easy"

70 Pond HollowBecause they lived a couple of hours away, it was especially important for Sharon and Timer Keenan to have an organized, proactive real estate professional on their side when looking for a vacation home in the Wintergreen valley. They found that realtor in Brian Chase. Sharon said, "Brian sent us listings ahead of time and arranged for us to view our choices in one day. This was important since we were only going to be in town one day." Sharon noted that Brian gave them undivided attention and was very knowledgeable. She said, "He was very low-pressure. He puts his clients’ needs first."

"We’d been in contact with Brian much earlier when we started thinking of purchasing a vacation home in Wintergreen. He kept in touch with us by sending us his monthly newsletter which we found to be a nice way of staying in touch without being too pushy."

Another thing that Brian did for the Keenan’s that they really appreciated was to point out things about each home that they might not otherwise have noticed such as an especially nice asphalt driveway or things in a home you might want to avoid.

Sharon says, "Brian is really a great guy. He’s a delightful person and we enjoyed our experience with him. He made the buying process easy."

Sharon & Timer Keenan - Stoney Creek at Wintergreen

“All the Information You Need is in Your Personalized Seller Report”

Wendy Wood loved having her personalized seller report available to her anytime, anywhere. This report, personalized for Wendy, allowed her to see what kind of marketing was being done for her property. All she had to do was login to see the level of effort Brian put into getting her home sold. And it was impressive! Not only could she tell that Brian was actively marketing her home, but she was able to get valuable feedback from potential buyers which helped her make informed decisions on how to get her home sold faster and for more money.

Wendy says, “I’ve bought and sold several houses before but I was very impressed by the level of effort that Brian put into selling my property.”

What’s more, Wendy thought it was incredible that she was able to handle all the transaction logistics virtually – without ever having to travel to meet with Brian or the buyers!

Would Wendy recommend Brian to others, “Absolutely!”

Find out how easy it can be to get your home sold with the help of the Brian Chase and The Chase Team.

Wendy Wood - Wintergreen Resort

“Surprised By Speed of Listing and Sale of Cliffs Condo”

Chris Carey was surprised at how quickly Brian Chase was able to list and sell his condo for him—10 days is all it took!

Chris described himself as “a bit edgy” when his condo went under contract but Brian was able to ease the tension “with every step.” Chris was impressed “across the board” with the guidance and support Brian provided during the listing and the sale of his condo.

“He kept us in the loop and updated” throughout the process, Chris said.

He was so pleased with the results he got from Brian that he has already recommended him to several friends who are in the market to buy or sell their homes—truly a resounding endorsement, indeed!

Chris Carey - Wintergreen Resort

“I Wouldn’t Consider Using Anyone Else”

When David Suarez met Brian Chase through a business associate, they quickly established a good relationship. So when David was looking for a piece of property in the Wintergreen area, he never even considered using anyone else to represent him in his real estate ventures. David found Brian to be very professional and thoroughly knowledgeable about the business. He was quick to research any questions David had. And this really impressed him. Through his dealings with other agents in the past, David said that if they couldn’t find something for him right away, their focus would shift but Brian’s never did. “Brian was always available and gave me the information I needed or showed me what I wanted to see.”

Brian’s reputation as a true professional has spread throughout David’s company. He’s helped three others buy property and several others are in the process of looking. They all want Brian to represent them in their real estate transactions. “Brian’s fun to work with,” said David and obviously the others agree.
David Suarez - Wintergreen Resort

“We Were So Pleased With Brian’s Responsiveness”

When selling their vacation home in Wintergreen, David and Debbie White were especially pleased that Brian Chase was so responsive. They sincerely appreciated his involvement by keeping them informed during the marketing and selling process. Debbie described Brian as forthright and straightforward. “We never felt that we weren’t getting the information we needed about the sale of our home.”

Debbie continued, “We’d recommend Brian to our friends and family because he’s very professional. You know that he’s a full-time agent.” And that is very important to clients that want someone who is committed to getting their home sold.

Brian definitely lived up to the Whites’ expectations of a listing agent. Asked if they would they use his services again, Debbie responded, “Absolutely! We’ll contact him again when we’re in the market for either buying or selling real estate.”

David and Debbie White - Wintergreen Resort

“Use Brian. He gets the job done!”

Brian helped Scott Maitland sell his ski-in, ski-out property recently and Scott couldn’t have been happier with the way his transaction was handled. “He was on the ball and so communicative,” says Scott. In fact, all of Scott’s expectations were met or exceeded making him a very happy client. He particularly liked the web-based aspects of Brian’s marketing and the timely updates that he sent to Scott to keep him posted on the listing.

“I really appreciated the attention that Brian provided,” added Scott. “Would I recommend Brian to my friends and family? Absolutely! I’d tell them, ‘Use Brian. He gets the job done!’”

Scott Maitland - Wintergreen Resort

"Not only is Brian a great real estate agent, but I also consider him a friend!"

When Ross Rassuli and Azita Tavakolian spent vacations in the Wintergreen area, they liked it so much that they decided to purchase a vacation condo there. After meeting Brian, they asked him to help find the ideal condo for them. Brian kept in touch and emailed the couple listings of condos on the mountain that fit their criteria. When they found the condo they wanted to buy, Brian made the transaction an easy one.

Ross said, “Brian spends the time with you that you need. He doesn’t make you feel as if he has somewhere else to be or something else to do. He takes the time necessary to help you.” Over the years that the couple has known Brian, they have become friendly – so much so that Ross considers Brian not only his real estate agent but also his friend.

“If you’re looking for an agent that is honest and will take the time you need, then Brian’s the one,” advised Ross.

Ross Rassuli and Azita Tavakolian - Wintergreen Resort

"Brian Got Our Condo Sold - Even in this Challenging Market!"

When Catherine Corson put her condo up for sale, she was concerned about trying to sell in a buyers market. She needn’t have been concerned because it sold within a month! What’s more, she and Brian never even had to meet face to face since they lived in different cities. Everything was done through email and the telephone!
"Brian was pleasant and professional in my conversations with him. He handled every detail efficiently and, in fact, neither of us had to attend the closing. The documents were signed ahead of time," remarked a grateful Catherine.
So, as you can see, with effective marketing and expert knowledge of the local real estate market, Brian can get your home sold even in a buyers market!
Catherine Corson - Wintergreen Resort

"Brian Maintains His Objectivity"

Chris and Michelle Finn were impressed with Brian’s objectivity when they were buying their new vacation home in the Wintergreen Resort Area. He let them know if what they were asking for was a good idea or not which helped them close on their home and get the best deal possible. Chris said, "Brian was clear about the things we should and shouldn’t ask for and we think that helped us close quickly on our home and get a good deal."

"We’ve bought and sold homes before but we were surprised by Brian’s straightforward manner and honesty. We believe he went above and beyond what any other real estate professionals have ever done and we appreciate it."

The Finn’s were so impressed by Brian that they have already recommended him to friends pointing out Brian’s exceptional knowledge of the area and his superb responsiveness.

Was there anything they would change to improve the service they received? Chris responded, "I can’t think of any way to improve our experience because Brian made everything easier for us."

Chris and Michelle Finn - Wintergreen Resort

"Want a Positive Real Estate Experience? Choose Brian"

"Brian made finding and buying our property a positive experience," said Rick Lyon. After looking for a year for land to purchase, Brian helped Rick find a piece of property in the Wintergreen Development. Rick said, "Brian worked hard for his commission! He represented our interests 100%. He stuck with us through a year of looking for the right property. Never once did he get frustrated or give up. We were especially impressed with his knowledge of real estate and the area."
Rick commended Brian's efforts to help him find service professionals that he could trust such as a settlement attorney and a well-drilling company. This made the transaction much easier and more convenient.
So if you're looking for an ethical, straight-shooter who doesn't sugarcoat anything, Brian's the one for you.

Rick Lyon - Wintergreen Resort

 “Brian is the Consummate Professional”

"We recently worked with Brian in the purchase of a vacation home at Wintergreen. We recommend Brian in any real estate pursuit you may have. Brian is a professional in every aspect. We always felt that Brian's time was ours without any pressure. Brian was very thorough in all proceedings and provided us with knowledgeable advice throughout the process."
Brad & Libby Carmines - Wintergreen Resort

"Great Fun and a Great Realtor"

"Cindy and I wanted to thank so very much for all of your help on our recent purchase at Wintergreen!! I know we will enjoy this for many years to come. I also wanted to say how wonderful it was to work with such a professional. We have bought several properties but working with you was the easiest and most fun. We will both gladly refer you to all of our friends that are in need of such a great realtor!"
John Sanders & Cindy Booker - Wintergreen Resort

"Brian Took the Time to Understand Our Needs"

"Brian did an incredible job helping us find the house we wanted at Wintergreen. In a 'hot' market where there are more buyers than sellers, Brian still took the time to understand our needs, to look for prospective homes before they hit the market, and to give us great advice every step of the way. Brian really knows his stuff -- and that proved to be a huge advantage for us -- and was very patient in answering our many questions. And, as someone who has his own place at Wintergreen, Brian offers the unique perspective that comes from not only a professional knowledge of the resort, but a personal one as well. We recommend Brian to anyone looking to purchase at Wintergreen!"
Ron & Monica Klain - Wintergreen Resort

Whew! If you made it this far, you are a voracious reader! Thank you for taking the time to read about some of our past-client experiences and their rave reviews. If we can be of service to you in purchasing real estate in Wintergreen or Stoney Creek, or if we can be of service in selling a property you already own, please Contact Us.

Brian Chase and The Chase Team

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