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Helpful Tips for Selling your Wintergreen Home or Condo

Preparing Your Property to Sell

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. This is especially true for your home and condo. A potential buyer’s first impression will color his or her perception of the entire property.

As your listing professionals, The Sherwood Team has compiled tasks and suggestions that will ensure your Wintergreen property, be it a Wintergreen vacation condo or primary residence in Stoney Creek, looks its best during every showing.

The Basics

Let's get down to business. Your home has to be structurally sound, which means oiling squeaky doors, tightening doorknobs, replacing burnt out lights, and repairing any damaged windows.

Potential buyers are observing your home closely, so you also need to touch up any chipped paint, repair cracked plaster, and fix any leaking taps or toilets.

Spic and Span

A home that is properly and thoroughly cleaned is more likely to attract buyers.  

Vacuum and shampoo your carpets, scrub the washer, dryer and bathtubs, deep clean the furnace and stove (as grime tends to build up in these areas), empty and thoroughly sanitize your refrigerator, and deeply clean and freshen bathrooms.

If you're using an air-freshener for this, make sure it's a scent that is subtle and clean-smelling.

As Buyers Walk Through the Door

They should be greeted by a clean, fresh-smelling home that is tidy and free of clutter. Minimal is best, so remove all debris from your walkway, clean and tidy up the foyer or entrance area, and make sure the doorbell is functional!

Polish your front door so the wood and paint job shines, this signals to the buyer that this is a happy, well taken care of home. 

To go the extra mile, add a delicious smell to the kitchen. Use some potpourri or a subtle air freshener or candle.

Wide Open Spaces

A spacious home is inviting, and makes it easier for potential buyers to assess the space. Declutter your home as much as possible. 

Clear the stairs and hallways so that they're empty, store any excess furniture so that rooms look open, and completely clear off counters and stovetops. Potential buyers will be looking everywhere, so make sure closets are neat and tidy

Keep all personal belongings out-of-sight, or as neat as possible. 

Curb Appeal

Before they even enter your home, potential buyers will be looking at your lawn. The grass should be freshly mowed, shrubbery should be neatly trimmed, and the entire yard should be thoroughly weeded. Edge any gardens you have to keep them looking tidy, pick up any litter or pet waste, and clear the driveway or walking paths of leaves

It's also important to repair and clean the gutters and eaves of your home so that it looks pristine. Touch up any exterior paint to keep your home looking its best for potential buyers.

Cultivate a Great Buying Atmosphere

As you prepare for potential buyers to view your home, there are a few steps you should take to create an ideal atmosphere. Turn on all the lights and lift the blinds on windows to showcase that the area is spacious and full of light. If the weather permits, light your fireplace to create a cozy and inviting environment. Play some quiet background music for ambience, and keep any pets outdoors to minimize clutter as much as possible.

Once your home looks its best, spend the day somewhere else. It's best to be absent during showings so that potential buyers feel completely at ease.

Professional Expertise

We're here to help make your selling process as stress-free as possible. For recommendations of trusted professionals who can help put and keep your property in top condition for showings, please contact The Sherwood Team today at (434) 962-0226.

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