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Things To Know Before You List

When it comes to selling your property on Wintergreen Mountain, in the Stoney Creek valley, or in the immediate areas of Nellysford, pricing it appropriately for the market is of paramount importance. Determining a price that will enable your property to sell in the least amount of time, but with maximum return, depends on a number of factors.

First, determine your primary motivation for selling

  • Are you looking to sell quickly in order to take advantage of other investment opportunities?
  • Do you want to sell before the season changes?
  • Maybe you’re thinking about acquiring a larger property and are curious to see what your current property will net so you'll know more about what you can afford to buy next?
  • Or, perhaps your family circumstances have changed so that you need less space?

Knowing what’s most important to you will assist Gavin Sherwood in pricing your property appropriately to best achieve your goal. His years of expertise in Wintergreen real estate ensure that he’ll help price your home or lot properly for current market conditions.

Other things Gavin Sherwood, REALTOR® takes into consideration before determining a listing price include:

Knowing the market conditions

What are the professionals saying about a Buyers’ vs. a Sellers’ market? If there’s a glut of homes similar to yours for sale, you will need to price it differently than if your segment of the market has become the “hot spot” at the Resort. Gavin Sherwood has years of real estate expertise in appropriately pricing homes, condos, and land in Wintergreen, Stoney Creek, and Nelson County.

Sales price of competing properties

In some cases, you will want to be the most compelling value in your marketing segment, while in other instances you won’t want to be either the highest or lowest priced offering. Gavin can gather competing information for you through a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and help you make an informed decision about the best strategy for your property. Click here now to have a CMA prepared and delivered to your inbox so you can price your property effectively.

Catalog recent improvements

Gather all records of major work you’ve completed in recent years including roofing, appliances, windows, doors, painting, flooring, plumbing, and remodeling. Gavin Sherwood will review these improvements with you to determine how much extra value they may add to your home or condo, and he will include a comprehensive summary of these improvements in your listing for prospective buyers to review.

Length of time on the market

Are properties on Wintergreen mountain and in Stoney Creek selling in a matter of weeks or are months turning into years? Gavin Sherwood and The Sherwood Team will gather this information and use it to help determine a listing price range that will ensure your home or lot won’t sit on the market any longer than necessary.

Pre-inspection, home warranty

Most people think of these as buyer tools, but they can also be extremely helpful when listing your home for sale. Hiring a qualified home inspector can alert you to unknown issues that may become sticking points for a buyer. Identifying these issues beforehand gives you the opportunity to address some repairs before your home or condo goes under contract and prevents those issues from creating doubt in the buyer’s mind about the quality and value of your property. Purchasing a home warranty as an incentive to a buyer can also go a long way toward soothing any fears a prospective buyer may have about your property (or the buying process in general). Click here to have the details on several home warranty plans delivered to your inbox so you evaluate these options ahead of time. The Sherwood Team can also recommend local home inspectors that are knowledgeable and experienced in inspecting Wintergreen homes and condos.

Thinking about listing your Wintergreen home or condo?  Your Stoney Creek home or lot?  Click here for a no-obligation Comparative Market Analysis of recent market activity in your segment of the market.

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