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Home Staging Tips for Your Home

Seven Tips to Stage Your Home to Sell

When you're selling your mountain home or condo, you want to make your home as attractive as possible. The goal is to make your property a home for the potential buyer. Here are a few home staging tips that can win the buyers' hearts. 

1. Attract Buyers from the Curb

A cursory drive by your home can determine whether a potential buyer will come inside or pass your home by. 

Keep your house's lawn and driveway maintained. Make the exterior presentable by adding some color, cleaning the windows, or refreshing the siding. 

2. Make Those Tiny Repairs

It's all about the details. Potential home buyers are making a large investment, and they will often scour your home with a fine-tooth comb. Beat them to it by replacing burnt-out light bulbs, tightening hinges on doors, and fixing any other necessary elements. 

3. Don't Just Clean, Polish

Many home sellers stick with a "once-over" cleaning. Stand out by getting down to business and deeply cleaning your house or condo. 

Get rid of mold in your bathroom, scour your shower door, and scrubbing stubborn stains on the floors. You can even hire a cleaning service to get the job done. 

4. Make Space

Home buyers already know the square footage of your house or condo. Show them how to use the odd spaces in your home and give the illusion of more space. 

Give those odd rooms with a purpose, like creating a pantry in the alcove off of the kitchen. 

Stay away from dark wall colors and constricting furniture arrangements, and use natural lighting to illuminate the room. 

5. Spruce Up the Deck

If your house or condo has a deck or balcony, make sure that it shines. Repair old and decaying boards, stain the wood, and sweep fallen leaves off the deck surface. Make sure to clean any outdoor furniture, as well. 

6. Declutter and Depersonalize

Clear out any personal items from bedrooms and living rooms that may be distracting to a potential home buyer.

This includes any evidence of pets. While you may love your cat, the potential home buyer may not or could even be allergic. Let your friend or family member pet-sit during the home showings. 

7. Keep Things Simple

Showcase your home as comfortable and relaxing, outfitted with just the bare necessities to each room.

Don't make your bedroom into storage space, and don't give your other rooms more than one purpose. This will give the potential home buyer the assumption that your home does not have enough storage space. 

Stick to one color scheme with the furniture, window coverings, and interior paints. 

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